Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mavis Meets Emu

My reluctant cow dog, Mavis, went with me to visit a neighbor and do some farm chores.

The neighbor has a "real" cow dog and raises beef cattle, poultry, pigs and....... emu.

As the dogs played and ran around the farm, I wondered how long it would take for Mavis to notice the numerous emu ( is is emus? or emi? ).

She walked right by them several times ........

and then finally she saw them.

They all made gentle eye contact with each other and then Mavis walked away to continue playing with her new Border Collie friend, Queenie.

I am hoping that Queenie will "mentor" Mavis into being more of a cow dog.
Time will tell.

Till then I will bring Mavis with me on my visits to this diversified farm and will continue to eat lots of fabulous, healthy emu meat.  Try some!!

Here are some unusual facts about Emu:


http://www.naturalemu.com/emufacts.htm   < some facts about the delicious emu meat
Has more iron than any other meat on the planet.  Since a large % of women are iron deficient, I highly recommend eating emu.  It really makes a difference!



  1. I admire your dog's control. I imagine mine would be pretty surprised to see a bird such as an emu. She goes crazy when the wild turkeys pass through our yard. Cool pics!

  2. to be honest i never knew emu(s) or is it(es) could be in the snow. guess i thought they were warm weathered birds. this was a learning FF. i like that. thanks!! take care. enjoy your weekend. ( :

  3. Fancy finding emus in the States. They prefer the hot dry flat areas in Australia from where they come. I had no idea they would cope with your winters.