Sunday, July 22, 2012

Farmall Classic

Here is an old work horse, still working and earnings its keep.

I think it was weeding between the corn rows that day.

Still in pretty decent shape.  You have to have a butt made of iron to withstand 8 hours of field work on this seat, that's for sure!

My first tractor ride was on a Farmall and the first tractor I drove was a Farmall.
What was yours ?


  1. Hello Janis, they did work hard, wonderful old tractors. Mr. enjoyed the post very much,Blessings Francine.

  2. Ah...that tractor looks familiar! My hubby sold our H a few years was his Dad's and maybe even his Grandpa's, but since it had no live hydraulics it didn't make sense for us to keep it. He regrets it now, though.

    My first tractor to drive was my Mom's Farmall Super A. She used it to cultivate her was great because it was "offset" so you could see the rows. How I wish I had that tractor today!

  3. My son bought his own Farmall H and he and his dad restored it. He's driven it in tractor parades and it works for raking hay. Those Farmalls have staying power.

  4. John Deere B, circa 1940. We had that tricycle for many years, worked well here in Flatlanderville. :))

    It had a side cutter mower, a mechanical bucket that we plowed snow with, and ran pretty good.

    It was bought by a local farmer who renovated it, and it became a poster child on a tractor calendar.