Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The First Pullet Egg

One of my pullets walked over to me and laid an egg on the grass.

It was an exciting moment for the both of us.

I picked it up too fast and the membrne stuck to my hand, but I photographed it anyways next to my old cell phone.

 and then I had it for supper.

Love them pullet eggs!

The flock is suppose to start laying in August, so this hen is ahead of schedule!

How are your pullets doing?  Any laying yet?


  1. I should have gotten chicks sooner. I have some 3 week old Light Brahmas but they are straight run so God only knows. I have a hen on some eggs but again God only knows. Even the turkey is playing with my brain and her 13 eggs. Next spring will be better. Enjoy your eggs.

  2. We have 9 hens which give us on the average of 5 eggs a day. They are in their second year. We have plenty of eggs that we each have our customers at our jobs who buy eggs from us. We charge whatever they want to pay. I have one college professor who buys her food at an organic grocery. She was paying $8. for a dozen eggs. I refused to take that much from her, so she gives me $5 for 18--still too much. These home grown eggs do taste so much better, don't they?

  3. Our May 1 hatched hens won't start until sometime in Sept. I think once or twice we've had an egg or 2 in August.

  4. I love farm eggs. I just paid $7.00 for a dozen.(new farm). I usually pay 3.50 for 1 dozen which I think is very reasonable. I love my fresh eggs , but will not be paying that amount of money again. I noticed how much brighter your yolk was compared to the others.