Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barn of the Day

Today I traveled to the southern part of Vermont and was glad to see the new look on a very old barn.

Last time I saw this barn it was looking shabby and missing parts of its wood, roof and doors.

It recently got an extreme make over, complete with its historical "name tag."

Please click on the photo to see it in a larger format to really appreciate it.

The now deceased farmer at this farm once had 19 bull calves born in a row one spring and quickly christened the farm Bull Run.

The land is now leased to a young farmer who raises all grass fed beef and sells it locally. He has grown his herd and his meat customers so much the past 4 years that this is now his full time job.  You can see some of his Black Angus to the right of the barn in the field.  He is so successful now that he has to lease and borrow fields all over his area in order to have enough grazing for his ever growing herd plus hay for the winter.

Another success story!

What is the name of your farm?

If you don't have a farm now, what would you name it if you did have one?


  1. Golden Oak Farm

    When we bought the farm, we had several old horses. We eventually went to all retirement boarding. So the Golden refers to age.

    The Oak refers to the huge old white oak tree on the north side of our yard.

    The horses have been gone for over a decade now so the Golden now refers to us. :))

  2. It is nice to see a solid barn totally spruced up! It look really great now. : )

  3. Oh, my, this is a real beauty...I so love it AND the silo.

  4. Beautiful photo! Wonderful to see a barn refurbished like that. The old silo sitting next to it is a nice contrast. Glad to hear of a small farmer doing so well!

  5. THAT is Picture Perfect! WoW! LOVE hearing these success stories... God bless that farm! =)