Sunday, September 16, 2012

Chickens on the Porch

On hot days the pullets make themselves at home on the porch, in the shade.

They sit under the Norfolk pine tree and under my chair.

When they hear my truck coming up the road they stand up and get ready to jump off the porch so they won't get caught in the "no birds allowed" zone.

 As soon as I drive into the yard, its a mad dash off the porch and down the driveway to greet me.

A few of them have made attempts to jump into the front seat as I exit the vehicle.

These pullets are like golden retrievers. The only difference is that they lay eggs.

Who greets you when you come home from work?


  1. Bryde, of course, especially if she was left outside when we left. But it's more:

    "Geez, you went off and left me AGAIN!"


    "You just can't get good help anymore." (DH is her personal doorman.)

  2. Chickens can be so comical! Mine come running to the gate every time they see me anywhere near their pen.