Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday's Child Has Far To Go

The weather was perfect, the sky was perfect and the entire day was perfect.  I didn't waste a minute.

Here are some select photos of my spectacular time outdoors.

My carrot harvest has been very colorful. Every few days I dig a bigger bunch.
Making soup with this batch.

My photo assignment took me to an new area to explore.

A beautiful valley where Scottish cattle graze.

 And Jacob sheep wearing bells, with different tones, make music on the mountain.

Rare Randall Linebackers greeted me as I wandered by.

I found a secluded lake to drop my line and soak my feet.

I was the only one for miles. The only sound was the soft waves lapping at the beach.

More farms to find with vintage tractors that still do the heavy tasks.

There are so many old barns on the back roads of Vermont.

Heading home, I spent more time in the garden.
My sunflowers are enormous and the bird and bees are enjoying them.
My chickens love the seeds. They are a real treat. I give them big heads to pick on.

 My rare pole beans had a bumper crop.   I saved many for seeds for next year and still had lots to freeze for winter soups and succotash.  Hopefully next summer I will have enough beans planted to send seeds to Seed Savers.

How did you spend your day?


  1. I made ketchup with the last of the tomatoes. Late blight brought in by a neighbor took out my tomatoes this year. :((

  2. My Thursday was spent working at my boarding kennel. I did pick some kale for my dinner and some of the old tough branches for the rabbits.
    My slicing tomatoes are pretty much shot due to some form of blight. The San Marzano tomatoes are still ripening slow enough for me to stay ahead of them.