Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mite Meets Might

The reluctant cow dog came to work with me this week.  To the office we went.

Quiet, well behaved dogs are allowed at work.  Because of this simple rule, there are not very many dogs that actually accompany their moms & dads every day.  Mavis is very well liked at work.   Whenever I go into the office without my canine companion, I am always asked "Where is Mavis?"  "How is she?"  "When is she coming in?"   
Its kind of funny, but no one ever asks how I am..... or notices when I do not come in.....  

Mavis hits the ground running the minute we enter the building. She visits every single person who has treats in their desk drawer. She has her favorites and frequently sleeps under my former supervisors desk... not wanting to miss a morsel. He has the really healthy yummy treats and Mavis knows it.

The environment is very inviting at work, with trees and plants, soft music and sounds of happy staff working away at their long list of tasks.

As Mavis was sleeping at the end of my office the other day, a large 6 month old Irish Wolfhound puppy came bounding around the corner.

The sudden appearance of a huge dog startled Mavis, but she immediately did a play bow and they started chasing each other around.  It sounded like 2 ponies galloping by as they ran the entire length of the building and around the cubical areas.

When they slowed down the butt sniffing started.

Cecil the puppy is growing leaps and bounds every day.  He is very well behaved and will be a regular "worker" here very soon. He has been coming in twice a week with his mom so he could learn the rules. His mom works at the other end of the building so Mavis never met him before.

They have become fast friends and Mavis liked it the next day when he came out of his way to visit her all by himself.

I think she has made a very special impression in him.

Stay tuned for more news from the dog office.

Do you get to bring your dog to work?



  1. Hello, oh that sweet little Mavis, such a good girl. Blessings Francine.

  2. I used to bring my min pin to my call center job in the winter when it was too cold to leave him home in the garage all day (like -40 degrees) Everyone loved him. He stayed under my desk during work and came out only on breaks. Everyone basically forgot he was there.

  3. No dogs here, but I bring my cat, Bryde, to work. When I am working in the gardens, she is right there supervising and sometimes helping. Yesterday she caught a large mouse. Go, Bryde!!