Friday, September 21, 2012

Old Barn, Old Stuff

Yesterday I visited an antique store that was located inside an old dairy barn.

Many crafts, vintage quilts and old housewares were exhibited where the old milking parlor use to be.

Stacks of old bowls, pewter, cast iron pans, milk bottles and butter churners were standing where the bulk tank use to be.

This old wheel dates back to 1888.

The farm has continually been occupied by families of farmers since 1880.

The barn is as worn out as the weathervane ( headless).

As I wandered through the isles of great old junk, this particular piece caught my eye.  I didn't have the purchase price, so I took a quick pic and went to look at the other old old old stuff that filled this once thriving dairy farm.

Every farm I stop at has been an adventure. This one was a real treasure, inside and outside.

Every year there are less and less barns standing on American soil.

Appreciate the ones you see as you drive by them.


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  1. There are a few states that will help out with low interest loans to rehab old barns. Unfortunately, Maine is not one of those states and we will have to do ours on our own. One day ours will be beautiful again. Barns are one of our national treasures.