Saturday, February 2, 2013

Raw Dog Mavis

On weekends I feed Mavis some raw locally sourced foods from local farms.

At "Cafe Mavis" she will have some lamb heart, lamb liver, kidney and tongue, all from the whole lamb I purchased in November from a local farmer.

Several other lamb buyers did not want the organ meats so I came home with about 20 lbs of grass fed lamb organs.

Mavis KNOWS when its Friday.

That's when I pull out the stuff to defrost and figure out her weekend menu.

 I addition to lamb, Mavis also enjoys turkey necks, chicken backs, duck frames, lamb necks, mackerel (on Fridays of course, being a Catholic dog...) emu burger, duck eggs, beef hearts, tripe, pork tongues and giblets from any recently slaughtered fowl.    I am always listening for news of someone slaughtering chickens or other livestock so I can go get some fresh organs for my reluctant cow dog (who is now an official ermine dog).  It always amazes me how much is thrown away from fresh slaughterd animals and I intend to do my part to come home with everything that others do not want.

There seems to be such an abundance of unwanted organ meats that I just may have to get another dog.

Don't tell Mavis.

I was fortunate to learn about feeding raw in the 90's from a well known and loved Golden Retriever breeder.
Feeding raw extended the lives of TWO of my foster dogs. My little Lily had been diagnosed with crones and was a 30 lb Rottweiler who could not keep weight on.   After feeding raw for 3 weeks she gained 10 pounds and kept it on and continued to gain weight til she reached 55 lbs.  I adopted her and continued to feed raw. Later I adopted a 10 year old Golden and the raw helped him vibrantly live to the ripe old age of 17 1/2.
Here is some info about feeding raw or you can browse The BARF (Bones and Appropriate Foods) diet.  Lots of good books and websites on the Internet and many dog owners are feeding raw to keep their dogs healthy and living longer.

What are you feeding your dogs ?


  1. Mavis is one lucky gal. I admit I do not know much about the canine raw diet. For the past two years Winslow Homer has been on a strict perscription diet due to all his medical issues. I have to admit it has been expensive, but his quality of health and life improved greatly. My old boy will be thirteen this year, and I do not take one day for granted. Your pup is a beauty!Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  2. my gang eat ready made dog food from a bag, but I do try to give them the best I can afford. 17 yrs for a golden!! I might have to change things I cannot imagine living without Winston and he is already pushing 10

  3. I feed a commercial raw food that I buy wholesale because I sell it. I go to Mainely Poultry and buy 200# of ground chicken backs,necks etc. When I have my turkeys processed, I ask those ahead of me if I can have their organs, necks and feet. Most are happy to accommodate that. Feet make a nice evening treat for the dogs. I also give my dogs a grain free kibble plus Sea Meal and Spirulina. I'm afraid I haven't had much luck at longevity in my GSDs. I lost a wonderful male in January at 9.5 from Hemangiosarcoma and his mother at 10.5 in August of 2011 from some form of cancer. It is very discouraging but I still have their sister/daughter who will turn 8 this month and a new puppy on order. It really drives me crazy to have very old dogs board with me who are on some awful grocery store food.

  4. Lucky dawg! Thanks so much for sharing this on The Creative HomeAcre Hop!

    Hope to see you again next week!