Monday, October 21, 2013

A Day of Color

I am emptying my camera chip, so here are some photos on the end of it.

Covering the rare Dr Rowe pole beans before the frost.

Happy 97th Birthday !!

Hope you are having a day full of color!


  1. Those feathers look like they could be from a barnevelder

  2. I used to have a tri-colored Australian shepherd that looked exactly like yours! Her name was Bonnie and she was the best dog ever. When someone left a box of tiny kittens on our doorstep, she took them as her own and actually began producing milk and nursing them! She was so gentle and great with kids.

  3. Love the feathers, cute dog - adorable "grandma"

  4. These pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. Love the close ups of the feathers, very cool!

    Holy Crap!! 97!!! Happy belated birthday!!!

  6. What a beautiful mélange of images!

    Such joy at 97! Bless her!