Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I went to visit a wonderful friend from my home town who recently bought a home, near me, in a secluded wooded section with a stream.

Had a great visit, a house and garage tour, a walk in the woods and lunch.

She has a wonderful colored bottle collection that this window was made for!

And a nice cow collection.

Our walk through the woods was wonderful.
The rushing noise of the stream, birds and the dogs running all over the place, plus the smell of autumn leaves and detritus was pure bliss.

Mavis had fun exploring the stream and the woods......

 and... she made a new friend-- Tilly the cattledog.

 During our relaxing walk down at the stream, there is one thing I was sure of--
I could hear the trout taunting me.

I may have to return.

I am still trout-less this year. But hopefully that is about to change.


  1. that looks like a good trout stream in those ponded areas!

  2. Beautiful place. Hope you get a trout!

  3. Your friends house looks nice and I love that window! I could imagine sitting there watching the snow fall.

  4. LOVE her cream cow pitchers...

  5. Fishing is such fun and for me-relaxing. You must return again! So much more to explore and fish to catch.

  6. Her coloured glass in the window is beautiful. :-)