Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Harvest VIEW

The days are getting shorter and the sun is going down sooner every day.
There is lots of work to get done before the snow arrives.

Farmers are scrambling to get their corn fields chopped and stored and the last of the hay baled and wrapped.

Weanling calves and grown out steers are being sold, slaughtered and traded so there are less mouths to feed in the cold winter and to put some jingle in the pocket.

The days are still sunny and cool. The grass is still green and growing a little bit.

The cows seem content.

This is a silage caterpillar.    Silage is blown tightly into this long plastic tunnel. Its an interesting process.   It is airtight and keeps the winter feed from spoiling. Its full for the winter.

This is a bunker silo and is being filled and packed tight every day. A tractor drives on top of it to compact the silage.

Once it is filled it will be covered with plastic and old tires to keep it dry for the winter.
 This is a burning bush .
I notice them hidden in the woods and beside old foundations.
They only turn red in the fall.

Have you got one ?

This is Charlie. He is almost 30 years old. When it snows he becomes invisible.

 Large rolls of hay have been wrapped in plastic, to make them airtight, and are ready to stack.

These "marshmallows" are stacked in an accessible location so even in heavy snows a tractor can get them and feed them to the herd.

 I love finding old trucks in the woods.

You cant seem them in the summer because all the leaves hide them.


Have you got your pumpkins yet ?

How is the Last of your harvest ?


  1. haha...i've had my pumpkins for months! i am ready!!!

  2. That old truck looks like a set from THE WALKING DEAD x

  3. Beautiful pics - especially love those trucks! Our pumpkins (we grew five) are still un-carved on the patio table. Oh well!

  4. I learned something new!I had never heard of silage and always wondered what was inside those "marshmallows" in fields.

  5. We always get our pumpkins (when our crop fails as it did this year) on October 1st.

    Our last harvest is probably a month away. The chard, kale, leeks, and mesclun greens should survive that long. I harvested the rest of the parsnips yesterday. The mice had only gotten 2 of them. If I leave them in the ground, they would get them all. I expect there was 40+ lbs of them. So today they get ready for the freezer and dehydrator.

  6. Nice photos of fall in your area! I had never seen the silage caterpillars until this year. I especially like the shot of Charlie and his barn. :)

  7. Hi,
    Found your link on Fresh Eggs Daily. Educational post and beautiful pictures! I always wondered what was in those big concrete bunkers with tires on them. Charlie is a good looking horse, you'd never guess he's 30 years old in that picture. have a great weekend.