Monday, October 7, 2013

West Newbury Celebrates History

West Newbury Vermont is celebrating their 250th and have been having all kinds of historical events around their very rural community. Their most recent was held at their 250 year old community building.  The wood on the walls, doors and floors were from the property and attest to the beauty of red maple, butternut and oak.

People came in period garb to speak about meories of W. Newbury at the beginning of the century.

There were lots of quilts and other articles on display.

This one caught my eye.

Can you imagine how many bags of sugar and flour it must have taken to make this ?

And how long it must have taken ?

This quilt is heavy.

The old general store has a painting, a vintage rifle and lots of stories were told about it.

There were nice collections of agricultural products too.

Cow Tone was made locally.

Their was a new portable ramp at the front door for all us old farmers that can no longer do stairs.

This is one of the former owners of the general store. He found the rifle underneath a ton of raccoon poop inside the building.

It was a great day of stories from the past, photos and meeting old friends and making new ones.


  1. that bedspread is too cool! i would probably have enough string saved but never the patience to make one. it sure is something special!

  2. The history of places, people and such is so interesting though we often do not realize it when we are young. We cherish it more when we are older.