Friday, July 9, 2010

History in the Field

As I drive the mountain back roads all over the state, I see all kinds of really neat things.

Sometimes I drive by stuff and realize a few seconds later that I should turn around and go back to take a second look.

Here is what I saw at sunset:

I turned around and went back to take this photo.       To the untrained eye, these just look like white cows.... but to us that know cattle, we know these are a very rare breed of cattle.

I was a little confused with some of the color patterns at first, but I am convinced the majority of this herd  are British White Cattle, the Ancient Polled Park Cattle of the British Isles.

They have an unusual history. At one point they were almost extinct with only 33 of them in North Amercia and not many in England.
I just never know what treasures I will find in the Vermont fields and meadows.

*For more info and a full history of these very rare and unusual cattle, please take a look at:


  1. Beautiful photographs! These cows look like the ancient 'polled' Park Cattle of Britain. In the 40's the Park Cattle Society in Britain split in to two groups, the 'horned' variety taking the breed name 'White Park' and the 'polled' variety the breed name 'British White'.

    Really awesome photos, particularly the second one.

  2. Pretty cows. The only time I've seen anything like them was on a blog I follow of a little girl in Texas who raises bucking bulls. go to the post Who's your daddy? and see what you think.