Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mother Nature's Wonderful Holiday Gift

Every Farmer in New England has been hustling and bustling to get all their fields cut and rush to get all the hay into their empty barns.  Mother Nature has been in a wonderful mood the past 5 days and the roads have been full of tractors, hay wagons, wrapping machines and hay crews going back and forth from fields to barns. The roads are colorful with green, orange, red, white and yellow tractors. The farm crews are wearing colorful shirts and every shape and color pickup truck and haying equipment are parked in the fields by the roads.

There is NOTHING better than a Happy Farmer.    Many relatives are visiting farms this long holiday weekend and giving a hand to the exhausted field crews.   I do not know how much longer the good weather will last, as the dark clouds are starting to roll in right now as I take a break from doing my farm chores.

There are many festivities this weekend and most farm families will be taking a break at 5 pm to go to the many chicken BBQ's across the state.  I can smell the local church BBQ from where I am now, so I went over there to see how it was doing and when it would be ready.

The auction had started.   I saw so many really great antiques, farm equipment and horse harnesses. 
I made sure I did not raise my hand or even itch my nose!

Thats the news from here so far. Its HOT, sunny, with a slight breeze and the clouds are rolling in.

Have a great weekend and make sure you thank your local farmer!

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