Thursday, July 8, 2010

How HOT is it ?

It is so hot that all my veggies are burnt.  Hay has turned to dust, the birds are standing in the brook all day and the cows won't come out of the shade.     The hens have decreased their egg productions and sit in the coop on a divider board so they can look out the window instead of coming outside in the 102 degree heat.   Who said hens were dumb ?     I have been bringing them frozen blueberries and putting ice cubes in their water fount. They LOOOOVE the frozen berries.   Cold oatmeal made them happy too.

I have gone through all 22 of my T shirts the last 3 days.    I am about to do laundry, knowing it will only take 3 minutes for all my clothes to dry on the clothesline in this heat.

Make sure you all stay hydrated and make sure your animals have plenty of shade, plenty of good clean water and plenty of everything else they need as well.     Heat kills.  Stay safe, think smart.


  1. That is such good advice. I'm glad it's not as hot here. I have to worry about the collies when it gets warm, especially if we are moving cattle. My good dog Blue is getting older but still tries to do everything he did when he was in his prime and gets over heated easily. We've had so much unusual rain this year that there are puddles (and hoards of mosquitos) every where. And collies love to get wet.

  2. We are now having horrible heat. Second time this year. The alfalfa turned into hay on the second day of drying. Like you the egg production is over until the heat breaks.

    104* here and a hot breeze blowing.