Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cinnamon Cows

Early this morning it started snowing gentle fluffs of flakes as I headed down to the farm to water the herd.

Now that "most" of the snow is almost gone, Farmer Chip was able to roll a big bale of hay all the way to the maple tree end of the field for the cows to eat.   This will give the over used end of the field a chance to dry out from 4 straight months of feeding hay in the same 2 areas near where we had to line up all the big rolls after the barn fire.

The horizon looks so different with 2 huge barns missing..

I really do hope the worst of the winter weather is behind us.

Although I know April is usually erratic and extreme weather can happen at any minute.  Calving season is always a challenge.  

For now the cows are content to chew on the sweet summer hay, lick the sweet spring snow and bask in the sunshine......

Until....... I pulled out the special CINNAMON covered graham crackers that Auntie Sonya brought for the herd.

Then there was a mad dash for me at the fence.

How they know the difference really amazes me!

I can not find cinnamon covered graham crackers up here, only the regular honey ones by Nabisco.

This herd strongly prefers the Cinnamon kind and KNOWS the difference by the rattling of the crinkly paper!!!!

Shy, quiet, mild mannered Jillian hip checked her brother Gizmo to get to me first.

The Gizman had to do some quick manuvering to get a few crackers before the big cows came and pushed him out of the way.

Listening to them crunch crackers always makes me hungry, so I came home and made a big salad and used some of the lettuce I have been growing to add to it.  DELICIOUS!

( Don't tell Faith, but an Irish leprachaun sent her a Red Sox hat... )

Late this afternoon when I returned to water the herd, the snow had melted and they were all a little muddy from their naps.

The maple trees looked red at the tips and the sunlight was making them very happy.

I enjoy looking at the rainbow of tails in this herd.

Each one has a story to tell.


  1. What adorable photos of the cattle! Here's hoping you have an early and gentle spring.

  2. I so hope the bad weather is gone and I know you need that without your barn. They all are so cute and I bet they loved those graham crackers :)

  3. That is so funny that the cows like graham crackers, especially the cinnamon ones!


  4. Its a good thing they don't know about smores!!

  5. I would love to send you some cinnamon grahams. We have them in every grocery store here.
    From Glory Farm,

  6. The pictures of the cows eating the cinnamon graham crackers, just way too cute!