Monday, March 21, 2011

Mud Season and other scary things....

Just when you think you have survived the winter then mud season hits.

Vehicles get sucked up by the mud and end up in ditches, stuck deep in the mud or with tie rods broken in multiple pieces.

My truck suffered a bit of a bruis'n yesterday. 

Every dirt road is an intense obsticle course.

Most people put away their vehicles and just drive their tractors the month of March and April around here....

We were down to just 1 roll of hay last night.      Scary.

Luckily, the hay fairy came in the morning and deposited a good amount of the favored green food that my cows are so attached to.

The load was dumped at the other end of the field where the cows are now eating, making it easier to roll a bale directly to the round hay feeder every morning.

While I was taking photos of the cows chewing their cud, an unexpected vistor stepped out from behind the rolls of hay.

Sadly, this is the only remaining deer (a yearling) that remains of the original group of 6.   Four were killed by coyotes as they struggled to cross the deep snows in the fields and one was hit by a big truck on the road.

She did't seem interested in the hay but wanted to visit with the cows.

Mavis was barking her head off so she stayed her distance until we drove off.

Then she easily walked over the fences and joined the herd.

Lonliness does strange things to all species.

It was very dark and overcast this morning, I hope it doesn't rain.

Panda the calf was taking a deep nap in the hay.  Oblivious to the deer.

Gizmo is looking more and more like a young bull.
He is also telling me which cows are in heat.

He also tells me when he wants his cinnamon covered graham NOW!

How I wish I could cut that dang diggleberry off.  I hate seeing it.  It really ruins his photos. 

He won't let me close enough to do it.     Yet.

I am so very proud to announce that this good bull is going to be a herd bull for a small Simmental herd on the western side of Vermont.    Near Burlington.  Home of the University of Vermont (UVM).  Not far from 5 colleges and dozens of frat houses.

He will be going to his new job at his new farm with his paperwork, photos, family tree and at least 2 boxes of cinnamon covered graham crackers.    When mud season is over.

He better send me frequent updates.
TailGait Farm Graham Gizmo.  Our first home grown bull.
Vermont born, raised and grazed.

10 minutes after I finished watering and "crackering" the herd it started snowing like crazy!

6-10 inches are coming our way.

Mud season has been temporarily postponed as now we are right back into winter!

The robins are NOT happy!

Life in Vermont.    Wonderful.  Beautiful.  Unpredictable.  Perfect.


  1. Yup Spring hit here with a huge dump of White! Glad you have lots of hay

  2. i love the hay fairy! and i love your funny cow faces!
    ps boo snow!

  3. So much for spring. The one good thing about snow in March is that it doesn't stick around on the ground for very long. I feel sad for the lonesome deer.

  4. Great photos and stories. I'm glad the little deer has company! We all need friends.


  5. You can buy cinnamon crackers on Amazon =)

  6. I just love your stories and photos. That little deer reminds me of a yearling moose, a few years back, that was lonely and joined a herd of cows.
    I am driving from NH to Waterbury all week - not pleased with the snow...