Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Squall'n Turkeys

A fast moving snow squall came suddenly this morning just as I got back from watering the herd.    I looked out the window to watch the speed at which the snow was falling when I saw three male turkeys struggling to get across the field and get back into their woods.  Usually there are 6 males that flock together in this field and I watch them every morning come out of the woods and walk the perimeter.  I was sad to see that only 3 remained.

See if you can see the 3 turkeys in this photo:

An hour later and 4 inches deeper in snow I came out to brush my truck off and smiled.

There were the other 3 male turkeys in the other field coming out of some bushes and hanging around an old apple tree. As I scurried to get my camera they headed off into a thicket of bushes.  I could see they were having a hard time as they were breaking through a layer of ice that was just underneath the new snow.     

This flock of 6 Toms have been visiting my compost pile all winter and helping themselves to all the good stuff I have been putting out there. I find their tracks all around the garden area and by my truck, most mornings.

Its been a tough winter for all wildlife and we got more miserable weather coming this weekend in the form of RAIN.

Please Pray for the Cows.  We prefer SNOW instead of rain!!!

19 days till spring!



  1. hey Janis... stop by my place, I have something for you

  2. I hope spring comes soon (and gently) to you!

  3. Snow is definitely better then rain for so many reasons! And, I'm wondering why the turkeys didn't just fly across the field. Since they are such great flight birds. I've seen them flying around here and they roost in some very tall white pines here. Those are fun pictures! ~Vonnie, NH