Thursday, March 31, 2011

Northeaster Coming!

Big snow storm coming.
Just when I thought we had a decent chance of making it to April without any more "moisture."
Predictions for this area are 8-15 inches.

Snow is still better than rain.

I also have a cow that is about to give birth.
As the storm approaches and the barometer continues to drop, I got a feeling she is going to calve in the worst of it.

I feel really bad for this car owner.

Just when she could just about get in her car and possibly drive it out of the snow bank in a few more days, more snow comes!

This block of ice engulfed her car while she went on a 2 week vacation in February.       We got about 40 inches of snow in 15 days. 
And the snow plows helped a bit as well.

So when you start to think you are having a bad day, imagine coming home from a sunny vacation all tanned and happy and not being able to find your car.  And not being able to drive it.     For weeks.

And when the neighbors told her where the car was, she didn't believe them.
But she hit the security lock button on her key fob and there was a dim sound from deep under the snow.....


  1. I can only imagine how she must have felt about her car...I hope there wasn't anything too important inside it!!

    Hope your snowstorm isn't anywhere near what they've predicted!!!

  2. Wow, Snow is still coming you poor things! That car picture is crazy!Cheri

  3. We will stifle the laugh because it just isn't funny, more snow, buried car. Here in Northern Colorado, we have not had any snow all winter. It is dry and brown with bits of green struggling to come through.Hope your cow chooses a good time to calve. cheers. ann