Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Santa's Reindeer

If I had any doubt that I actually lived at the freezing, blizzardy North Pole this winter, it was confirmed yesterday.

Santa's beloved deer were prancing and dancing around my house and in the fields.

Led by Prancer, Dancer, Donder & Vixen.

Rudolph was looking in my bathroom window and scared brave farm dog Mavis half to death.

With thousands of acres of farm land at the top of this mountain range, this IS the perfect place for tired deer to recover and recreate after a very difficult winter.

Santa's team has been practicing their running, jumping and "take off" techniques as they race across fields, streams, forests, fences and farms.

They have left their magical manure piles around my truck, by the mailbox, plus the compost pile ( they love eggshells! ) and in the driveway.

I wish the little lonely yearling deer that is now sleeping with my cows, would hook up with this larger group.  I am so afraid that she is going to teach my impressionable heifer, Jillian, how to actually walk over the fences like she does!

Santa's deer are obviously use to having their photos taken.

They pose whenever they see me with my camera.

So if you have ever wondered where Santa's hard working team goes after Christmas to recover...... now you know.


  1. YOu have them, I have the understudies, all 30 of 'em!

  2. I have always wondered and now I know. Glad they are safe and happy. Looks like they are enjoying themselves.

  3. LOL!

    They like the eggshells for calcium to build antlers. This would be the bucks mostly, I would guess, though pregnant does might like them too.

    Just starting to see our deer around here, but none near the farm. It was a very ahrd winter...