Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Sights

 Spring is a very romantic time of year. 

As the days get longer, the snow melts and the birds return to find a mate.

On my road trip the other day I saw this pair of geese enjoying a stream of melting snow in a field.  Did you know that Canada geese mate for life ?

As I drive I marvel at old buildings, especially farm buildings from the past.

Corn cribs are rare in these parts, so I usually stop and take a photo.

My grandparents had a garage identical to this, built around 1930, so of course I had to have a photo.

Then I turned my head to pull back out onto the road and saw this directly across the street and swooned........

I was speachless as I snapped 200 photos.  So I will let them do the talking:

They do not make places like this anymore.

This barn did NOT collapse this winter!  Most barns did.

Real craftsmen built this barn and farm house.  It will last a few more centuries!

Then I saw this sign........

There are 27 more photos at this link:

You must see the photo of the INSIDE of the barn!!!

Someone buy this place and invite me to dinner!!

Making maple syrup is a centuries old tradition here in Vermont.

Thousands of people of all ages and walks of life are tapping a few trees in their backyard or woodlot and boiling down the maple sap to make fresh maply syrup.

To get the Vermont label Vermont maple syrup must have a minimum of 67% sugar.

All other states require only 66%.

My farmer friend tapped 6 trees this year and dragged an old gas stove outside and hooked a propane tank to it and was boiling his sap all day today.  His barnyard smelled so sweet!   It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of Vermont Maple Syrup.       It is long, hard and precise work.
The rewards are worth it.  Especially on ice cream or pancakes.

Everywhere in Vermont the great cattle herds are basking on the hillsides in the sun.

These are my neighbors good looking Herefords.

He has many cow/calf combos for sale this year.  He is enjoying a population explosion of lots of new calves this spring.  He actually found a bull that all his cows liked....and it shows.

Everywhere in my travels there were spring calves enjoying the sunshine.

I really liked this Ayrshire calf.

Every road I was on was muddy and every tree held a sap bucket.

Rural Vermont roads were lined with buckets.

As usual, all roads lead back to the herd.     Lined up and waiting for their snacks.

Home Sweet Home.


  1. I checked out the barn. What a wonderful place. My husband always jokes about moving to Vermont when he is stressed and wants to get away. We won't be moving, though. cheers. ann

  2. Janis, I can't wait every week to ready your entry in Farm Friend Friday. Your cows are so beautiful! But the entry this week is really something... to get the added pleasure of seeing that wonderful property for sale! What a great old house and barn! Thanks for posting these!

  3. Wow - that maple farm is just fabulous! I'd love to live there.

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  5. Oh, what a beautiful farm!!! Wayyyy out of our pocketbook, plus there's no wood stoves, just a pellet stove.

    Most of our snow is gone, but it's been too cold for clearing gardens...

    Check out the new website, under construction.

  6. Great series of shots! I love all the cows, especially the cute calf.

  7. I hope someone buys that place and loves it as much as the last owners did. Very well taken care of. We saw our place and the price was right, much lower than that farm, and my first thought was....oh this place needs love. LOL. We are still loving it and hence it still looks like it needs love and money. The cows are beautiful.

  8. I loved your post. I live in California and I love looking at different parts of the country.Your pictures were really nice and I totally enjoyed the scenery, Thanks Cheri

  9. Oh my I love that place. It's like my dream house and barn and the fact that it's in Vermont. I wish I could win the lottery. I would love to live that elegantly.

  10. That barn and house is amazing! All those calves are so sweet.

  11. I wish our barn looked like that.Ours is an old cordwood barn in dire need of refurbishing. We'll probably end up tearing it down and using the lumber for something. I bought a quoinsett(wrong spelling) barn to put up this summer. We're tapping trees here in Minnesota, too. It's been a tad too cold, but looks like this week the sap may start a serious run. I don't ever check for sugar content, except by taste. :) Num.....
    Hope things are going smoothly for you. Is your herd expecting any calves this spring?

  12. Your cows are such cute pests! You have done an amazing job with them!



  13. I've been past that farm. It is gorgeous! DS lives in VT. If we could buy that farm, I CERTAINLY would invite you for dinner...and any other time youwanted to visit. You have no idea how much I wish I could have afforded to buy you a new tractor after the fire...
    You are so right...they don't build barns like that any more.

  14. Grrreat post & I'd love love love to buy the place & invite you to diner, but I'm guessing that place is too far out of my price range... plus, I wouldn't be able to handle the winters up there! YiKeS! We don't have hard winters anymore, not since I was a kid... THANK GOD! heheheee

    Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm!!! =)