Friday, April 15, 2011

2nd Inning Nap

This morning was freezing.    And breezy.

There was a long icicle coming out of the fire worn water pump this morning.

Both calves were in the Calf Club House (CCH), snug and out of the wind.

I gave Rally his license plates.

Then I made him a steer.   (pay attention Red Sox!!! )

Being born is exhausting, so he laid back down in the sun and continued his nap.

He looks bigger than he did yesterday and I imagine he will be running around the barnyard this afternoon.   Stay tuned.


  1. Awww, wish I lived closer so I could come over and see them. They look so cute. Keep posting pictures. Love them.

  2. Ha! Gave him his license plates! That's too funny!

  3. Its amazing how quick they grow,my two that were just born seem so big already and are having a great time kicking up their heels.

  4. Nothing better than a nap in the warm sunshine. The calves are so cute and look like they are doing well--good animal husbandry.

  5. Janis, I look forward to reading about your herd every week at Farm Friend Friday. The new calves are beautiful, and how hardy they must be while it is still so cold and wet up there. You are so brave to have made it through the harsh winter with all the disappointments you had... fire, winds, snows, etc. and come out the other side optimistic and happy to see spring! You're an inspiration.

  6. They certainly look like good friends already. Nature is amazing.

  7. YIKES...Red Sox, watch out. Janis has her rubber bands!!!!!

  8. They are sooo very precious!LOVE them!

    happy day!