Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Rain Retreat

During all this crazy weather we are having, there are actual signs of spring.

A small flock of purple finches showed up at the bird feeder yesterday.

I found this Colts Foot in the mud.

And the herd was basking in the 12 minutes of sun we had, in the sand behind the collapsed hoop barn.

Babes on the beach.

The "Boyz" are eating at the hay rack now.

They look like they are trying to eat spagetti.
They spit more hay out than they eat.  It gets wrapped around their tongues.

High winds, black skys, torrents of rain coming down in sheets and making small streams come down the roads... and still no calf from Gwen yet!


  1. Hi Janis,The colts ear is so pretty! And your cows are so healthy looking and precious.I hope your weather gets better. Cheri

  2. Weather! The boys look like they are really thriving.

  3. Colt's foot, not ear. The leaves are supposed to look like footprints....