Saturday, April 9, 2011

Opening Day

Today was the first day of Trout season.   A joyous occasion for some folks.
Especially after a long, nasty winter.

After I purchased my annual fishing license today, I went looking for a peaceful place to go fish.

It didn't take long to find one, down by the Connecticut River, right near where another little river flows into it.

The rivers were high and running very fast.  Chunks of ice were still coming down the river like little icebergs.

I brought my chair, my favorite rod and Mavis.

As soon as I did my first cast into the river, I watched Mavis transform into a real Border Collie.

She immediately laid down near the edge of the river.

Her ears perked up and stayed that way.

She focused ALL of her attention on my fishing line that sat in the water.

And stayed this way for hours.

When my line snagged on a stick floating by, she saw the line tug and raced down to the waters edge anticipating me reeling in a "fish."
Her disappointment was apparent when I reeled in a stick and removed it.
As I cast my line out again, Mavis took her seat back up on the edge of the hill and again focused on what was happening in the water.

Nothing else mattered in her world as long as that line was in the river.

Oh why, oh why, can she not focus like this on the COWS???????

It was a terrific day to be near the water, looking at all the sights and hearing the sounds of nature.

My dog, my rod and me.


  1. Glad you had a peaceful time. Looks cold though.

  2. What a lovely post. I DO know that border collie stare and intesity and see it every day here, particularly with the chickens who are hearded around the garden from morning till evening! Poor girls!

  3. I found your blog in the dark of winter; I am anxious to see spring in Vermont.

  4. That looks fantastic! Opening day was March 1st here in Missouri.

  5. Sounds like a beautiful day!

  6. Wow, beautiful blog, is a hymn to the life, stupendous!

    Sandy from Italy