Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vermont Heavy Metal

Nope, this post is not about a famous Vermont Rock Band.

I was roaming the countryside today, working and looking at possible replacement vehicles.

As I drove North I came upon an interesting collection of some creatively recycled materials:

Click on the photos to make them bigger and then click on them one more time to really see the details in them.

The owl in the lower right is very interesting.
I originally thought it was a cat bird......  Looks like one, don't it?

These sculptures are all made from............

Recycled PROPANE TANKS.           Honest.

This business sells/rents propane tanks.

I continued on my way and soon saw a very very very famous small green can on the side of the building where this famous product is made.
Look familiar?

If you have ever milked cows...or had chapped lips, you should recognize this.

And if you do not recognize it, then you need to go git you some.

For chapped udders, sore lips, dry skin and squeaky door hinges, nothing works better than this!

If you use it for anything else, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

I have one big "Mother Ship" sized can and 2 "baby" cans in this house and one baby can in my truck.

How many do you have ?

Keep those guesses coming in for the calf.  It still isn't here.


  1. Cool post and I love the metal critters. The owl does rmeind me of a cat for some reason.

  2. Ha ha love the giant bag balm.
    We use it here for everything,not sure we should but it works..great for cuts on ourselves and even on my dogs...heals everything.

  3. I agree this is a great post and those animals are really cool. Really like your blog. So glad that I found it!!

  4. I love bag balm and have used it since I was a kid living at home and it was out in the barn. I found that nothing worked better on my chapped hands. I kept it secret from my parents because I thought they would get mad.
    I love those sculptures. I would love to have both for my front yard. That person is really good.
    I like it when you drive around.

  5. That sculpture is amazing. Very creative use for those old objects.