Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Milk - Video

Just a few hours old and soaked from snow and rain, the calf tries to find the milk faucets.
The snow has changed to a downpour of rain and the wind is strong and cold
I did a quick 360 degree tour of the barnyard. You can see where the barn burned down and the white hoop barn all the mud and rain.

Mother and calf are in a small equipment shed amongst the seeders, disks and manure spreader.           Doing the best we can.

He is four days old today. The sun is finally shining and he is exploring the snowy field with his mom.   He is dry, clean and well fed.      Life is good.


  1. You are doing a very nice job at using the video. Sorta reminds me of my favorite part the the TV news show CBS Sunday Morning when they devote the last few seconds of the show to a spot of nature in some natural park. Well done, I'd say. The calf looks healthy and mamma looks quite sound too.

  2. They look about as muddy as my two minis are right now! Cute little babies!