Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Bird Mystery

Thank you to everyone who has a better bird book than I do!!

Most of us here thought it might be a Coot, until I read all your answers tonight.   So......   

We now have an American Bittern in residence at the farm, and it is very exciting.     That funny looking bird still stays within a 5 foot area in that puddle.

Once everyone in town hears about this strange guest, I am sure there will be lines of cars coming down our muddy farm road to see it for themselves.

Thats what happens here in this very very tiny village when ever anything "excitingly good" happens.

Well just last week I was with the herd when I saw a couple of joggers coming down our farm road.

It was 2 of our most respected town folks coming to see the new calf.

They had heard the news and wanted to meet the new arrival so they walked over from the next town.

So you can just imagine the crowds that this bittern is going to generate. Ha!

Here is another photo for you all to figure out:

WHAT KIND OF BIRD DID THIS to our tree in 4 days?

I am going to visit this tree more often and see if I can get a glimpse of the tree eater.

Here are a few more sights from today.

The BEST sight of the day:

The WORST sight of today:

We have broken down so many times this month that Mavis doesn't freak out much anymore when men start crawling under the truck swearing.

I met Renee today.

If she was my cow I would of named her Bo Derek.

Anyone know why ?

And...... The rain came and the snow left.

Today the grass is green, flooded, but green.

I hope that porcupine is right.

Will the cows be on grass by May?

I don't mind eating more picnic eggs if it means high grass really soon!!!


  1. Other than that cow is very pretty I don't have a clue. Can't wait to hear about the tree, yikes! That is some major damage.

  2. We saw a tree like that on our way to Williamsburg on our local Coop Tour Sunday. It's a woodpecker that's REALLY hungry. LOL

  3. You have a pileated woodpecker in residence!

  4. I love your pics. An American Bittern. I never seen such a bird. Have a good day,