Thursday, April 14, 2011

Red Sox Faith

Things are not going well for the Boston Red Sox.

7 losses, 1 win ( Yankees ) and lots of dissapointment.

Here in Vermont, die hard Red Sox fans continue to wear their red shirts and team hats.   Every conversation mentions the agony the fans feel.  Some are losing their faith in the team.

Up here in Vermont, in the "field" we still have our Faith.  
Our Red Sox Faith is consistant, tough and always pulls through no matter what disaster comes her way.    She is a true winner.

This winter she survived a barn fire, a barn collapse, flooding, multiple winter blizzards and 4 full days with no graham crackers.  She is the friendliest cow in the herd, loves kids, is quiet, very low maintenance, gets bred first every year, has large growthy calves, gets along with each and every cow in the herd and never causes any problems.    

Faith was born 4/4/04 and named Red Sox Faith 4 minutes after birth because I just KNEW that the Red Sox would win the World Series that year.
They did.         Because of Faith.

She is a motivator.    The Red Sox could learn alot from her.

This morning I went down to water the herd and saw Faith walking around the muddy barnyard like this:

6 minutes later there was this:

108 pounds of BIG.

A boy! 

Already trying to get up and run.

Of course as I watched this wonderful muddy scene, I had to think of possibly appropriate names.

Faith has had calves in the past with the following names:

Fenway, Fielder, Frank, Fan and FlyBall.

I called a friend to tell her that the Red Sox will win their next game because there is a new "team member" here now.

She said   "What the Red Sox really need to do is to..........RALLY !!!!!  "

Meet Red Sox "Rally."            Team Motivator.      

He has already had a home run, 22 minutes after he was born!

An hour later he was in the calf club house meeting other new members of the Team.

Its going to be a great season!


  1. There is the new little guy! Glad I could help name him. He is friendly just like his mother. Has she had any crackers lately?
    The Sox could definitely learn from this little guy. That's why he is named Rally. How about it Sox?

  2. Love it!!
    Such a great name and great story.
    What a handsome boy!!
    Congrats to you and Faith.

  3. Yeah! Another boy! He is quite handsome ....those lashes! And I love his name! The sox just have to win w this new member.Congrats to all!

  4. Oh my. So young to carry such a huge burden. A really neat story.

  5. Let's hope that Rally helps the Sox win in their game tonight. The Blue Jays of Toronto are in for the weekend along with the former pitching coach of the Sox, John Farrell.