Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chicks & Seedlings

Perfect day today so I brought the entire flock outside and put them in my dogstyle chicken tractor.
The ducklings and the growing chicks got along great.
They grazed, cheeped and slept.

All my indoor seedlings are growing quickly as well.
I was able to obtain a few seeds from a giant white pumpkin and its growing like King Kong.

Tomatoe seedlings coming up nicely too.

The peepers all came out loud and clear 2 weeks ago up at the pond. Its a great sound and lulls me to sleep at night.


  1. I could not believe I heard peepers here in Western mass way back in March. My tomatoes came up yesterday and I adjusted the lights so they will not get leggy.

    Chicks arrive tomorrow...

  2. That seems like a good way to make a chicken tractor! Do they have trouble standing on the wires at the bottom, though?