Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dead Whale in the Field

I had a small stroke when I walked out to the field the herd is in.
This is the first thing I saw:

The biggest cow in the herd, dead and bloated.

Of course I screamed and said uncatholic things.

My thunderous voice has been said to raise the dead,....... and it did.

She rolled over and got up.

She had been in a deep sleep in the sun and didn't hear me or Mavis whistling and talking all the way down to their area.

Further on up the field my big old cow was also napping in the sun.

She gets bigger every day and I just KNOW there are twins in there.

Even Gracie was laying down soaking up some rays.

99% of the cows were napping.

Its a great day to be with calm, gentle, pregnant cows, in the warm sun.

Hope we have lots more cool, sunny days.


  1. Wow, you got me on that one, I thought for sure the cow was dead!

  2. I would have freaked out with you! Glad everything is okay!!!

  3. I hate it when they scare you like that! Even worse when it is real bloat! ran into that this weekend. Always have supplies on hand and solved the bloat, but sadly lost the calf, and then the cow the next day due to problems resulting form the stressful calving

  4. Yes, I had a dead black whale in mine yesterday. It wasn't until I drove past her, 5' away, that she resumed living. It really is a heart stopping moment. And we didn't even have sun and it was windy and raw.

  5. I would have screamed too. I hate it when they do that especially if you aren't close to them and then you walk or ride out there and they are like WHAT?? I am napping.