Monday, April 23, 2012

Rhubarb & Chives

When the rototiller man came in March he started tilling the garden up quickly once he arrived.

Unfortunately, I was not at home to tell him where the parsnips, tansey, chives, rhubarb or perrenials were.

By the time I arrived home the damage had been done.

I rescued a good number of the mangled parsnips and made them into parsnip cake.

The tansey was gone forever, as I thought the rhubarb was too.

The chives popped up 9 days ago.

Then today after 10 hours of rain, I saw some rhubarb shoots sticking out in various areas of the garden.   Lots of them, all spread out in the garden.

I quickly dug them up and rearranged them in the garden in a proper place.

A few garden club members came and got a few shoots too.

Everyone wants sweet rhubarb for pies and jams, and this rhubarb is the very very sweet type.

Thanks to the rototiller man, lots of folks have the beginings of a future rhubarb patch in their gardens and I have 3 great sprouts that will grow wide and plentiful.

All the rain we got yesterday has made the fields green and the soil soft enough to dig out weeds and replant "lost" rhubarb.

More rain coming tomorrow.

The other surprise is the 200 sunflowers that have come through the soil too.

They self seeded after the birds knocked them out of the giant sunflower heads that I had all over the garden last year.

I love working in the soil and can't wait to start planting all the plants I have started in the house.

Last week there was a frost and there will be another on May 5th, so I am trying hard to use some self control.

But the wonderful smell of sweet spring soil is impossible to ignore. 

Have you been playing in the dirt lately ?

Have any of your 2011 crops re-seeded in your garden?



  1. Ha this sounds like something my husband would do... in fact HAS done! I just have chives, garlic and chard in the garden from last year. We're just getting it ready for the "2012 planting"... can hardly wait :)


  2. glad the disaster turned around for the good, tough plants Rhubarb!

  3. I had kale that survived the winter, as did several types of greens from mesclun. I also have chives, garlic chives, marjoram, oregano, and sage in the garden from last year. And there's the perennial rhubarb that gets about 5' across.

    I planted garlic last fall and the leaves are 18" high this morning.

    We finally got rain yesterday and last night, desperately needed here in Western Mass. We've not been able to start the cows on pasture because it had stopped growing 3 weeks ago. But if there's any warm weather, it will shoot right up now.

    What I've planted so far: Red Norland potatoes, Cortland onions and Richard leeks. The cold frame is again full, and I've got 12 flats of seedlings started in the last 2 days.

    As soon as the rain stops, I'll be planting again.

  4. I'm loving playing in the dirt, and trying to restrain myself from planting things too early. This warm spring tempts me! We had rain this weekend too...a much needed rain! The only thing that has reseeded is the many sunflowers, just like you have!