Monday, April 23, 2012

Wagon Graveyard

Its sad to discover old horse drawn wagons rotting in fields and under barns.

I found this one in a field in Northern New Hampshire.

I paused on the side of the muddy dirt road to snap a few photos and wonder what this wagon must of hauled when it was in its splendor.  I also thought of the horses that must of pulled it.

What color, what breed, what age ? How long did the horses work on this wagon.

I imagined a scene from a hundred years ago with 2 large black horses pulling the wagon full of hay to the barn.

Through the years the wagon had been modified to be hauled by a tractor, the wheels changed and the siding removed and replaced.

Nearby was an ancient manure spreader. Still in use.

Most rural farms are still using equipment that should be in agricultural museums.

Made to last 3 life times.

Have you got an old wagon ?


1 comment:

  1. No, just an old manure spreader like the one you showed.