Thursday, April 26, 2012

Covered Bridge- Bath, NH

Around the corner on a very muddy, frost heaved road I came upon a covered bridge I had never seen before.

On the other side was a quaint village Church, a waterfall and a General Store.

On my side it was raining.

This bridge was one of the lucky ones that survived Hurricane Irene when she roared through Vermont and New Hampshire and took everything down the river with her.

This covered bridge is one of the longest in all of New England.

The beams inside are huge and very beautiful.

The view of the raging river from the windows are great.


I may come back and do some fishing here.

I can hear the trout calling my name.....

There is an ice cream shop just up the road.  Perfect place.

Not too many horses remain in the area, but I have heard a recent story about a herd of cows that took a stroll thru the bridge several summers ago.

Finding really neat places on my drives around rural areas are the real pleasures of my life.

Seen any really old bridges lately?


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  1. I did not know this covered bridge existed. Looks like a destination for a Sunday drive. Thanks for sharing, Julie.