Friday, April 27, 2012

Cow Talk and New Calves

The herd was chewing on their bale and chatting about the green grass that is just growing outside of their reach.

The rest of the herd was trying to get me to drop the fence so they could eat all the grass that is starting to grow on the other fields.
They are very persistant.

I went and visited the neighbors cows and discovered a new calf.

He soon figured out how to get some nice warm milk on this chilly morning.

Then he came running over to me.

Nothing like cute calves in the morning!

You got any favorite calves running around your area yet?


  1. Now that is a cute, fluffy calf.

  2. No cows but we have lambs! I love the Highland Cattle. Beasties. We need some cows. Oh, I have to leave now. LOL

  3. No calves here this year, but our sold cow had a nice bull calf at the new farm. Chicks arrive Monday, all 50.