Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lament of an Old Barn

Once I was happy
But now I'm forlorn,
Here I sit silently
Morn after morn.

No milk-giving cattle,
No sweet smelling hay,
Even the swallows
Don't come here to stay.

No calves in the pens
No children at play
No kittens or puppies
They've all gone away.

I'd like to be useful,
My beams are still good.
But nobody wants me,
To them I'm old wood!

Dorothy G Stevens

Sequel to an Old Barn

A couple came to see
If they could both agree
That this barn was the one
They'd like to own

They decided that it was
Came with hammers, crane and saws,
And with "help" from Boy and Dog
Men took it down.

The rafters SO high-
Four stories toward the sky.
The "Les Page" metal roof
Was meant to stay.

But they took it all apart,
Numbered each board at the start,
And moved it to their farm
Not far away.

Dorothy G Stevens
95 year old farmer

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