Sunday, June 24, 2012

Barn Repair in March

I found this in my March file--so keep in mind that this was the weird non-winter we were having in the early parts of March.  Lots of sun, 80 degrees.

This is one of the oldest barns in the area and one of the longest.

There is another barn INSIDE if this one dating back to 1660.

This barn looks like The Ark.  Its huge.

Ability to be able to balance on a rotten roof and climb many ladders steps is a good skill to have in rural America.

Shirtless in MARCH!


Looks good.



The cows now have a water proof barn again.


Have you repaired your barn roof ?

Shingles, slate or metal?


  1. Merely looking at those men on the roof make my toes tingle. I'm afraid of heights. My aunt climbed up on her barn roof and nailed down loose tin when she was 83 years old. Not me!

  2. Our barn roof needs a few sheets of metal replaced. It's needed it since 2008. Some day DH will get to it.

  3. The barn is absolutely HUGE! You look like a little baby ant working on the roof in the first picture. How’s the roof today? Looking at the picture, I think the whole roof really needs an update. I think it would be a good idea to use slate for the roof because of its minimal maintenance cost compared to other type of roofs.