Friday, June 29, 2012


Mother Nature has been very kind to us farmers lately.

2 weeks of perfect weather have made for extraordinary haying and perfect hay.  Early too.

I knew it was close to haying time when I started seeing all kinds of haying equipment being parked closer to fields.

 In a matter of hours cows had discovered this antique tractor.

They gave it the once over....

and then went back to grazing.

On the other side of town the BIg haying had already begun.

The hay had been cut and now this rig was rolling it into windrows so the balers could pick it up.

He had several large fields to do and was out in the field raking until 9 pm with his lights on.

Whether hay is made with an antique tractor or a modern one, the results are the same:

Nutritious hay.

Happy cows in winter.

How is all the haying going where you are?

Remember to stay hydrated during all this humid weather!


  1. Our hay was cut 3 weeks ago. We only have 2 acres of grass hay and 1 horse, but we will get two cuttings of close to 90 bales and hopefully a third cutting. This is our 3rd summer to cut hay and the first time that it didn't get rained on, so it is beautiful, near perfect. We are able to sell a few bales and still have enough to keep the horse through the winter. Here the small bales are $8-10. We sell them for $5 to friends. In this part of the country hay is scarce and expensive, especially in Texas where they have been in a drought. I love the smell of fresh cut hay.

  2. It's been good so far this year. No rain, so as long as the fields are irrigated, the hay grows and gets baled with no problems. However, prices haven't come down much, since the terrible shortage last summer and winter. Small bales are selling at 9.50 to 12.50 each. It's hurting my pocketbook because I was paying only 7.50 two years ago.