Friday, June 8, 2012

Scenes From Today

Lots to see up here in Vermont.   The grass is green the barns are red and the cows are fat and happy.

There are many old farms with rolling hills, newly planted crops and family cemeteries.

The sky is blue and the lakes and streams are crystal clear and are full of trout waiting to meet you.

There are snoring steers sleeping on hillsides.

And beautiful Jersey cows up to their knees in lush grass.

Occasionally you will see the wonderful sight of an old manure spreader full of colorful flowers.

Rural Vermont is a beautiful place to experience.  If you have a chance, come visit.

How many of you have a piece of agricultural equipment in your yard as a lawn ornament ?


  1. I don't have any old farm equipment in my yard however the boundary between my land and Acadia National Park is an old cedar fence. That fence is from years ago when this land was part of a large farm.

  2. When my husband gets irritated with family, he swears we will move to Vermont and I think we would be right at home in rural Vermont. And we do have farm machinery, not so much because we are farmers on 5 acres, but the farm kid returning to his early years, so: a 4 bottom plow (nothing to plow), a ripper (to rip the coral), a rake to turn hay before it is baled, and of course an old tractor. Big Boy Toys.

  3. I cannot wait until vacation time in July to revisit Vermont. Will spend time in southern/central part of the state (Woodstock, Queeche, Putney, Brattleboro). Hope to check out some property for sale as well to enjoy the state full time.