Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cows without Makeup

If I sneak down to the herd very very early in the morning, I can catch them before they go put on all their special makeup so they are ready for their daily photo shoots that they go through.   Now that school is out, tourists have been on road adventures and exploring the scenic back roads of Vermont. The herd is a popular photo subject.

I enjoy talking to people about the cows, calves, steers and any other subject they want to. Mostly they want to know how to get back to a main road so they can head home.   

After the crowds have left for the day, the cows go to the stream and wash their makeup off and go back to being just regular cows.

Is your farm on a tourist path?


  1. Oh yes...we're smack dab in the middle of Amish country! We're the only English farm nearby (dairy) and the tour guides drive by our farm to show the comparisons...curtains, cars, electric lines and a SMALL garden. (that last one bugs me! :) )

  2. Hello, love the pictures of the cows,they look so content, the calfes so sweet. No farm here just enjoying your Rural blog.Blessings Francine.