Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Mavis tolerates much in her little life.

One of the new pullets is fascinated by Mavis when she lays down.

 The Sussex pullet continually circles Mavis, checking her out, but never putting so much as a beak on the little dog.

Mavis naps as the bird walks all around her, sometimes snacking on a piece of grass or clover near her.

Every time this pullet does her daily dog dance, the other two Sussex pullets stand on the sidelines and watch.

I wonder what the conversation is while this takes place.

The other chickens never participate, just these Speckled Sussex.

Mavis takes it all in stride. Probably thankful its not a cow trying to herd her.

Do you have a hen that pesters one of your dogs?


  1. No, we don't let them free range because of the hawk that patrols the skis above and a fox with kits nearby. I am sure that our german short haired pointer would be pointing and flushing if we let them all out together. Mavis is very patient and easy going, isn't she. Our hens are curious about the dog and used to him running the fence, but the cat literally freaked them out. Then, my husband was in the coral with horse only twenty feet from the hens when he saw the fox trotting the fence of the hen house--mid day, mind you--. He threw his hat at the fox. The hens seemed to know danger war lurking and scrambled to the hen house. So no, our hens don't free range.

  2. That is so interesting! I wish I even guess what that chicken is thinking.
    Our hens rule the barn, all dogs and cats give them a wide berth. I saw one chase down a cat and steal a mouse from him, then the other hens came running and uhg, I had to leave quickly. Until that day I had no idea that chickens would kill and eat a mouse.
    The dog knows to move fast when a hen gives him the"evil chicken eye",a certain posture and look that preceeds a pecking.
    Perhaps it is bcause they are big heavy Orpingtons? But our cats are not particularly small and the dog is huge. I do know that they are the barnyard bullies of our farm though,lol.