Monday, June 18, 2012

Farm Days

The strawberries are ripe and ready to go and area farms have a variety of fresh produce for sale.

Flowers and vegetable plants are also available by the wagonload.

There are many people to engage in conversation when you visit a local farm stand.  I have met some wonderful folks while shopping for raw milk, berries, jam, spring veggies and pickled eggs. 

 I have also met some very sweet cows that guard the farm gate while......  

 others take an afternoon nap.

My favorite sights are antique weather vanes against a perfect blue sky.

I am lucky to live in a fertile valley of farms, food, forests and bovines.

What veggies and fruits are ripe in your area?


  1. Nice shots. Our strawberries have already come and gone. We had our first taste of sweet corn this week. I do love fresh veggies.

  2. Here in Western Mass, we started picking strawberries 2 weeks ago. They are probably nearing the end.

    We are about a month ahead of what used to be the normal schedule, for most growing things here.

    I suspect peas are close and the woman who always has corn on the cob for 4th of July, her corn had tassled last week, so she might have had it for Father's Day instead.

  3. We are part of a CSA for the first time this year (Wisconsin) and it's pea picking time! We get to pick up to 2lbs for free this Sunday. They are so crisp and yummy!