Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Snakes

Things are finally drying out after a week of rain and powerful storms.

Most of my veggie plants are showing the wear and tear of too much water and no sun. Leaves are yellow and a few tomato plants have withered away and died.  Made me sad to see how many plants just faded away.

Just as I was about to go into my gardening shed and get some tools, I stepped on a big, thick snake.

We both screamed and ran in opposite directions.

After the initial surprise wore off, I went back, opened the shed door and there he was curled up in the corner by the a few of his other "friends" laying in the sunshine near my bale of straw.

One of them left a gift of a freshly shed snake skin on top of my water cup.

Within the first hour I had counted, and photographed 11 snakes in various positions in DRY, sunny areas around my garden.   They too had been waterlogged and bruised by hailstones and flying debris during the 2 powerful storms that ripped through here.

All the tired snakes were garter snakes.  I haven't seen the big mother milk snake today, but am sure I will.

Several of the snakes never moved while I replanted a few veggies and dug trenches to move the next deluge of water away from th garden shed.

They all seem healthy and well fed.

I guess that they are feeding on bugs, mice and other delectables they are finding around the edges of the garden, farm and coop.

I may start marking them with a bit of nail polish to see if I am seeing the same ones.  And of course I will have to name them.

This one I named Makemescream.  Its an old Indian name....

Do you have any resident snakes on your property?

Got any you named?


  1. We had "Mr T", a black rat snake in our big henhouse for four years... I think his GRANDPA is in there now, or maybe he has just grown so big and round! Your snakes are beauties!

  2. We see them occasionally but they never got named. If you asked DH to describe them: 8' long with 2' long fangs....

    Mostly garter snakes though. LOL

    What I want is a recording of the snake's scream.... LOL

  3. I found a 2-3ft. Garter Snake near the turkeys the other day. I'm sure there are others but I rarely see them. I have imported a few from friends who don't want them in their yards. There used to be a Eastern Milk Snake out there but I haven't seen it in a while. With all the hawks and owls it is a miracle any of them survive.