Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Emu Nest

I went to visit my favorite emu farmer and got a tour of all the male & female pairs of emus that were laying eggs.

They all have names.  I think this one is Franklin.

A few of the pairs have turned into same sex pairs.
Its hard to tell the sex of an emu so most farmers have to rely on the noise they make to distinguish them apart.

I totally sympathize, as my 2 female ducks turned into males last July.  It happens.

I was shown a sparrow nest up near the ceiling of the barn that was made by a very industrial little bird.
It was made of straw and Lots of emu feathers.  Great insulating materials.

Must be very warm indeed!

Not only is emu oil great for arthritis and skin problems, but emu meat is full of iron and and low in fat.
I raise beef, but I really prefer to cook and enjoy fresh emu.
I cooked up one of their eggs at work and it fed a small army. delicious.
Now I am going to collect feathers and make a feather pillow or comforter!
The more I meet these birds the more I learn.

Ever use emu products ?


  1. we drive by an emu out in the country and teddy wants it bad! haha! it sure keeps an eye on our car until we are out of sight!

  2. Oh I love to visit Emu farms they are very interesting, I have used the oil and it does help the joints. Great shots. B

  3. I've never tried either emu meat, or emu eggs. Does the meat have a "gamey" flavor? And do the eggs taste different than chicken eggs? I tend to be a bit hesitant to try unusual foods...

  4. I have tried the oil but that's about it. I have heard the meat is good but have been too chicken to buy any! LOL!!

  5. I used to know someone who made jerky from emu meat and package and sell it. I had a small taste and it wasn't bad.
    I have never heard of the oil, but have painted on the eggs for the same man who made the jerky.
    I never knew that birds can change sex!!!