Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Square and Round

We ran out of rolls of hay. 

Our hay supplier had said he had enough for us for the entire winter.

I think he must of miscalculated.

Not a good thing when it takes 800 lbs of hay to satisfy the herd every day, seven days a week.

Other rolls of hay were unable to be found so the only other option was to buy very expensive square bales.

It takes much more time to load and unload square bales.

Its little more risky as there is a possibility of slipping, tripping or falling during wet and icy weather while loading and feeding the herd these bales.

Takes several trips to the trailer to get the correct amount of forage for the herd.

During which I have to make sure the cows do not escape from the barnyard and come serve themselves the hay, so I have to leave the fence on and up until I am at the gate. So there are a few extra trips on and off the tractor as well.

I dump the hay and then have to cut the string off.
So there is a lot of hip bumping. The cows bumping me, not vice versa.

At least Glennie isn't laying in the hay rack today.

 I spread some hay out for the calves.

And sometimes I have to put some hay down first so the cows will let me drive into the barnyard, without escaping.  Sometimes they think I am loading hay from the trailer onto the tractor too slow.

I spent many hours searching for local hay rolls.  It is scarce this time of year.  

So I was real glad to see a trailer of hay rolls.    Now we are back to normal.



  1. Such good cow parents! They should appreciate you.

  2. We have nine round bales of balage left...then it will be time to use our dry square bales. Jim estimates that we will run out at just about the time we are ready for first cutting.

  3. Hay down here in my area of Texas (south central) is selling for upwards of 60 - 90 $ per 6 ft. round bale. I sold some two season old hay for 35 $ and some last year for 45 $ per roll. Up near Austin it is selling for 90 $ per. How much do you buy yours for

    1. We were buying for $45.
      Just located some for $35. Trying to get 2 dozen.
      Many advertised at $55 right now.

      Quality hay is scarce.

      Need enough to get us through to May 10th.

  4. Running out of hay is not a good thing. I'm glad you were able to find some of the round bales. We feed the horses and goats square bales, 100# bales of Bermuda are going for $17 each here but at least it went down this month from $17.50! Woo-hoo...