Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Venice, Duck Style

My two very hormonal ducks have been walking miles every day on the farm trying to find mates.

They do not care what species they find.  They went after several morning doves the other day.

In their travels they have discovered some interesting places to hide and explore.

Today I followed them.

Rudy was guarding the field while Agnew went on a little scouting expedition.

Rudy discovered me hiding behind a tree and gave me"the look" and quacked to Agnew to warn him that their hiding place was not a secret anymore.

Agnew popped his head up and found my surveilance location immediately.

They teamed up and headed for the end of the field, waddling like 2 of the 7 dwarfs.

They slid down the embankment

and splashed around in their favorite drainage ditch.

This nice little duck-sized canal goes about 1/8th of a mile.  

They do the length of it several times per day.

While they are distracted with their mud playing, it gives the hens and the morning doves some time to rest.

I will be sooo glad when the female ducklings arrive!!

Have you got hormonal males at your place ?


  1. I have four DUCKS looking for some friends!

  2. Yes, yes we do also have a hormonal male. I call him Mr. Duck, he's a few years old & a Pekin. I recently brought home 3 ducklings, that are now about 2 months old. He's either not very good at doing his business or the ducklings just aren't very cooperative. He holds them down & bites their necks. But, it seems to go on forever because he can't seem to do what he's supposed to do. I'm afraid he's going to end up hurting one of them, so we moved him to his own pen last night. Last year his favorite mates were our meat chickens.

  3. You really need to find these boys a few girls.

  4. are they the same age? my neighbor used to have a pair of mallards & geese. the poor female mallard was hit by a car one spring & he was in mourning until he pal-ed up with the male goose & they would go about their day walking & talking. it was fun to make up conversations for them. A cute little story & fun photos.
    Faythe @GMT

  5. These ducks are so cute... nice shots.

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    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  6. This post made me chuckle. I do wonder what goes through their minds when they are trying to take care of business but we humans make it difficult!

  7. No males of any kind in my household!!

  8. Poor boys and poor, poor mourning doves!! LOL!!

  9. Poor ducks, they must really have a work out. Walking around so much!

  10. Beautiful ducks. We don't have many ducks around here, they've all gone off nesting.