Friday, April 12, 2013

Porch Comics

In the afternoons when I arrive home I am often greeted by the flock as they run to meet me.

Once I unload everything in my truck and head to the house, they jump back on the side porch and demand a treat, a conversation and some gentle patting.

They tell me about their day running from my 2 very hormonal male ducks and dodging the melting ice falling off the metal roof in sheets.  Scary stuff.   I listen carefully to every cluck.

Since a few of the hens started laying they have become very affectionate.  Sometimes they sit near me and I stroke their heads as we have our sunset chats.  They are calm. I am calm.  Chicken therapy is a wonderful thing.

However, they have become a bit more assertive for treats and more demanding about whats IN all the briefcases and canvas bags I carry to and from the house.

"What you got in that bag?"

I see a crumb of tuna fish sandwich there.."   Ooops its gone!

"Is that an apple peel ?"

 Yesterday, I put my camera down for just a second while I unocked the door and........

Adele, my deaf hen,  nibbled it and clicked it.. Consider this a self portrait of some of the hens.

Then they had to all come check it out.  

Then they started posing for the camera.

I love hen humor.
I had a smile on my face as I went through my door and started to think what to make for supper.

Which critter puts a smile on your face when you come home ?


  1. omg...this is just one of the funniest posts ever. a chicken photographer! my husband and i stood here this morning and laughed so hard!

  2. Oh I just love your post.....I have chickens also and adore them. Chicken's a great thing...:)

  3. I love hen humour too:) You had me laughing. B

  4. Like you, it's my gals.

    What wonderfull post, I could have written the same about my return home :) x

  5. LOL I NEVER thought about petting a hen. My smiles come from my cat, Kala. She is the most affectionate cat I have ever had, and there have been many in 60 years! She always greets me each time I enter the house with mews and as I pick her up to give and receive hugs, she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses my cheek while purring so loudly. She sits with me in the recliner and will gaze up at me while patting my arm. Always purring! When I ask her if she loves me, she reaches her paw out to touch my chest or face. She loves me.

  6. I have to say, I have many critters who put a smile on my face around here. Cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys, geese...all vying for my time, attention, and affection

    Hen humor is a never-ending source of entertainment on Cedar Pond, and I am so thankful for my chickens. They have given me a time-out to just enjoy them when the world seems a cruel place. My chickens have given me fresh eggs, and perspective. My chickens have given me

    Take joy in your chickens, and your every day life. And especially in your hen humor !

  7. If we come in the house, it's Bryde, our cat. If we've been gone a long time she's really happy someone has come home to her. If a short while, there's complaints about the doorman service (just can't get good help any more...).

    At the barn we could be met by Herkie, our barn cat, or Ernie, our Barred Rock supervisor. Herkie will be looking for lots of pats so he can drool on us. Ernie will either be looking to supervise, or for some one to let her in the "executive" door: the people door into the coop.

    She gets very put out if someone besides people, or herself, uses it.

    Currently the amusement is the crowing hen. We've been hearing these odd attempts at crowing for weeks now (the hens are nearly a year old) but never caught the culprit until yesterday. It seems one of the Blue Laced Red Wyandottes has taken on male characteristics and is crowing. This does happen sometimes, when there's not a rooster in the flock. I think it's getting time for a good culling....

  8. Ha, this is like my house. Aren't they just wonderful :) x

  9. Aw, aren't chickens the sweetest of friends? I love that they took a selfie! So funny!

    I'd like to invite you to share this post and up to two others at Farm Girl Blog Fest #28, which is live right now. You would be a great addition to the wonderful posts that are shared!

    Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest #28

    Hope to see you there!
    ~Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

  10. I have seen so many interesting photos and stories about chickens lately that I almost wish I could get some. Then I think about how messy they are and I will be satisfied with reading and looking at photos. Great shots.

  11. Very healthy happy looking chickens

  12. Fun with chickens!
    I have a dog and two cats to keep me entertained, but squirrels can be lots of fun to watch, too!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  13. Oh, I love chickens! Great shots.

  14. I just love chicken faces. Great photos. Thanks for the smiles.