Monday, April 1, 2013

Barns of March

I got horribly lost while going to pick up my new chicks.

Here is one advantage to being lost.  BARNS!!

Click on the photos to make them larger and much more enjoyable.  Feel the snow!

Enjoy the tour.



We made it home safe and sound with 4 cheeping front seat drivers chatting all the way.

See the full "chick" post about 13 posts down.


  1. great barns...glad you found your peeps!

  2. Love the photos of barns still standing.

  3. Those are some great barns! Makes getting lost a little more fun! :)

  4. I love your barn photos, especially with the falling snow! Can't wait to hear/see more about the new chicks.

  5. BEAUTIFUL barns, esp in the falling snow! WoW! Thank you for the snowy virtual tour & for joining =)

    Hopefully the fox urine will work & I appreciate your other suggestions... Howard Stern is enough to drive anyone/or thing wacky! That's cruelty! =0

    I can't imagine what you've had to witness being a Cruelty Investigator... couldn't have been nice, but making a difference would be what's nice.

    did you receive my card? (sent to the little post office you posted about a while back)

    1. I saw many horrible things. Especially when we were deployed to the aftermath of Katrina to help capture/rescue/transport thousands of pets and livestock.

      The post office is not mine. Its in Rupert, Vermont on the western side.
      I am on the Eastern side.
      Everyone is trying to save small rural post offices, so the post card project a Rupert town resident(Jane) started is her way of increasing the mail count and hopefully keeping the tiny post office from being closed.
      Much appreciated that you sent a postcard. Send some more. Put a few stamps on some of those skunks!!! LOL.

  6. Wow, it was worth getting lost with all those barn finds! The snow enhances all of them.

  7. Oh, this was a wonderful slide show...I really enjoyed it. Great way to get lost.

  8. wow, awesome. i love the falling snow. so cool. i hope you were driving well. snow tires & all.

    it really amazes me that folks can have snow upon upon & do just fine. & then around here we have a bit of snow & the world stops. just wild. ( :

  9. I love the cheeping passengers. This is a beautiful collection of barns - Vermont barns are one of my favorite photography subjects!

  10. Beautiful and red. Thanks for sharing these.

  11. Love all these barns in the snow...great shots.