Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Different Kinds of Flocks

Birds of a feather flock together.

Here are a few other flocks I noticed:

Motorcycles by the hundreds drive thru my tiny village and stop for lunch or for a delicious ice cream cone at the Main Street Big Cones store.

My own flock is full of feathered friends.

The comets are teenagers now and growing swiftly. They should be laying eggs in a month or less.
They have not incorporated into the flock, so they are a flock of their own.

The main flock has a habit of trimming all my flowers on the side porch.

Another flock are my summer squash.

I get a few every day and love the flavor.

The hens think the squash are funny looking eggs.

They always check out my garden harvest.

When I go inside to make dinner the hens jump on my chair or look in the windows.

They should have their own comedy show.

I have recieved flocks of black berries and have really enjoyed them.

Also received a flock of potatoes.  

I have flocks of flowers all over my yard.

I pick a flock of green and yellow beans every day.

And........ I know where there is a tiny flock of new ducklings.....

This is your flock lesson for today.

You got a flock ?


  1. They are a nice looking group of hens
    They make my lot look,like a load of shopworn ho's

  2. Interesting flocks! Love the last one-adorable!

  3. Regarding hens looking thro windows, they are watching people (or Janis) TV. We have many channels here on the farm: chicken TV, cow and chicken TV, great blue heron TV, bear TV, swallow TV.....

    But no real TV for over 30 years.

  4. Love your creative photos of 'flocks' ~ carol ^_^

  5. No flocks just a small herd...of horses.

  6. Oh what great flocks you have! Your hens are so amusing!

  7. Beautiful photo - I am a hen person too though we don't have the room to keep them anymore as I'm a great believer in letting them wander and free-range.
    I had a large flock of blue swallows that stayed around my house just after my Dad (former airforce man) died. They were and will always be my favourite flock as they are very unusual in these parts - they soared and performed sweeping aerobatics, and like his free spirit finally departed for elsewhere.

  8. My flock is my children and Grandchildren I love nothing more than to have my four children their parteners and two grandchildren

  9. Love all the hens flocking together!!

  10. I love looking at your blog. For years my husband and I lived on a farm where we had over 200 chickens of all different breeds, 40 ducks of all kinds, 5 geese, 10 guineas, and 5 turkey. We enjoyed taking care of them and I took lots of pictures. I really miss that. We were only renting the place so we moved and bought a house but we can not have them in the area where we live. I will be visiting here often. I just love them. You find that the chickens are smarter than you think. I kept a dairy on how they behaved. They become pets just like any other animal if you raise them from babies. New follower from blackberrywintercrafts. blogspot.com. Come and visit me at my blog! Donna

  11. I love seeing all the different flocks around your house...

    The squash and blackberries are making my stomach growl!

    Splendid post for the letter "S"!

    Thanks for linking.