Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Bee Tree

As I read my book on my porch the other day I heard a buzzing sound.

I looked around and couldn't locate it so I walked off the porch and started following the sound.

As I headed for the front yard the buzzing noise got louder.

The closer I got to this hydrangea tree the louder it got AND I could smell the sweetness of the blooms.

When I looked up to the big blooms I saw THOUSANDS of bees in the blooms.

The buzzing of all these happy, busy bees was loud and wonderful.

The bees flew from bloom to bloom getting as much of the good stuff as possible.
It was hard to photograph them as they were snuggled deep inside the blooms and moving fast.
You can see a few flying.

My brother is a beekeeper and how I wished I had a hive here.

I imagine that hydrangea honey would be so delicious!

Upstairs in the house I can hear the bees buzzing even louder and can look down on their activities.
The sweet aroma of the blooms has drifted into the hallway.

I do not remember anything like this happening last year.

So now I feel a little more secure in knowing that there are thousands upon thousands of bees in my immediate area and they appear healthy and happy.

Plant a hydrangea bush and experience bees visiting in large numbers.

Have any of you ever tasted hydrangea honey ?


  1. i've never had hydrangea honey but i image it would be good.

  2. I love hearing the bees and seeing them busily at work! They seem to be very happy with your beautiful bush! :)

  3. Amazing! Must have been quite a few bees for you to hear them like that!!

  4. I love watching the bees. Hubby has nine hives on our place, but I've never seen them get that excited over one plant. Maybe we need hydrangeas? :-)